Saturday, January 17, 2015

Undivided attention

Those that are interested in jewelry are not necessarily interested in an individual jewel. Those that are interested in meeting new people are not necessarily interested in building long-term relationships. Those that are interested in growing their CD collection are not necessarily interested in exploring the details of a great album by listening to it over and over again.

But having less means caring more.


  1. I like the idea of undivided intention, especially in interpersonal communication. Rather than thinking about what to say next, focus on listening and give the other person the gift of your undivided attention. I believe that undivided attention towards another person is the greatest gift that we can give, since it means giving our time solely to one person for a certain period of time.

  2. This weekend I had a conversation with a lesbian girl at a party. At one point I realized I was not entirely following and reminded me to really listen. After a couple of seconds she stopped her story and said: "It's amazing, you seem to listen with your eyes. As if you really felt what I'm telling you. You are a beautiful person."
    It's incredible. Firstly, people recognize whether you're listening or not. Secondly, listening closely seems to be quite unusual.