Friday, January 16, 2015

The end of laissez-faire

When somebody says, it's his goal to earn money, he mistakes a symbol for that which it stands for. Making money "happens" to people who create value and contribute to society. Of course you can contribute without getting paid and vice versa, but as a general rule good work is being rewarded accordingly.

It's a fatal error to look up to rich people and not see the true reason why they are being admired. Instead of following the path of giving and becoming wealthy in return, some then try to just take. This is sad for society, but first of all it is sad for the individual that falls into this trap. When that person realizes that he's been chasing a ghost, it's often too late and he's all alone, surrounded by meaningless luxury.

Just as we'd prevent a friend or family member from taking drugs, we should tell them our honest opinion when they are about to pursue a career that doesn't suit them. Being driven by financial motives and casting all passion aside is a guarantee for unhappiness or even depression. We need to take care of our loved ones by not letting them run into a dead end.

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  1. I think it was on where I read that the easiest way to make 1 Million dollars is to solve a problem that 1 million people have and charge each a dollar. By solving problems you create value and in return you make yourself valuable.

    I actually like your thrid paragraph a lot and it really makes me think why we just accept our friends to chase careers that don't fulfill them and don't reveal their full potential. I talked to a succesful (in terms of money) about this, but he was already to deep in the system up to a point where a breakout would seem impossible to him and the image his ego created of himself.