Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Minimalist cooking

Last night I had penne with pesto for dinner at home. When I cook I'm usually busy throughout the process - cooking rice, washing and chopping vegetables, braising this, seasoning that...

Yesterday I had nothing to do when waiting for the pasta to be done. After some pondering I decided to really "do nothing". Most people think they need occupation all the time and would have cleaned the kitchen, written a message on the phone or at least drunk a glass of water. Just doing nothing rarely occurs in their lives.

So I stood there and just listened to the sound of the boiling water, some noise from outside and my breath. A great sense of relief started to emerge and just when I was thinking how easy it is to be happy, my girlfriend called me. She was waiting at a bus stop and coincidentally thought of me. We had a short conversation until her bus arrived and my meal was ready. It's funny, how what I write sometimes turns out to be incredibly true.

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  1. It hardly happens that I really do nothing. But I think it's crucial to sometimes just lean back, relax, breathe and let mind, body and soul just be and not try to fill every single hole of spare time with something "productive".