Monday, January 5, 2015

A case for part-time jobs

When people ask me what I've been doing since I finished university almost one year ago, I usually tell them how I make a living as a freelance marketer and guitar teacher, and that I educate myself around music and business. It's not a lie, but what I really do is thinking about life. I ask myself what I want to achieve during my time here on earth, how to live sustainably and contribute the survival of mankind, and what the meaning of this all might be.

It is impossible to change directions when you give full speed ahead.

When a famous person, a spiritual head or a political leader urges for us to think about solutions for the problems we are facing today, everybody nods. But how come that really doing so (and taking time for it instead of working full time) is being eyed with suspicion?


  1. New follower here - I like how eloquently yet simply you put across words in your blog posts! :-)