Thursday, January 22, 2015


Society struggles to organize itself. Division of labor and competition are inevitable, but what about the losers? How should we deal with people who are forced to do minor tasks? Back when we used to live in small tribes leaders had to have responsibility for their subjects. It was an interdependent system that relied on every component. In other words, the powerful required the support of every clansman.

In large groups like cities or nations, this doesn't work anymore. On the one hand unemployed nonworkers can be neglected without much consequence. On the other hand people can afford to refuse contribution without social pressure. The reason is that trust has been replaced by money in its function. You get paid more for solving crucial problems, but that doesn't mean that rich people are being respected by the lower class. In turn, companies have no qualms to exploit low income costumers.

For the first time in history, the internet offers the possibility to replace money with trust again. Through reviews and ratings online, we can empower trustworthy people independent from our financial resources. And we can pillory them when acting unethically.

The market power used to lie in the buyers' hands - the more money, the more power. Trusting or not trusting can be done by everybody. This will level out most inequalities. All we need to do is raise our (virtual) voices.

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