Sunday, January 18, 2015

Comfort or laziness?

Managers who travel a lot prefer hotel rooms over couchsurfing. Why? The reason is that conversations take an effort. And they don't get paid for talking. But this is what the monetary system got us to believe: The more you work for money, the lazier you can be in your free time. You can pay a taxi instead of walking. You can eat out instead of cooking. You can watch TV in a hotel room instead of having an interesting conversation with someone who lets you sleep on his or her couch.

But that's not comfort. That's missing the point in life.


  1. oh i love Couchsurfing, met lots of friends there :-) !

    A point very well made - although I find myself at times either 1) not easy to find a couch in certain parts of the world; 2) the sleeping conditions aren't exactly "good" for someone with special health needs.

  2. There are certainly pros as well as cons to couchsurfing. But then again it's a matter of communicating what you want/need. For example I'd let a person with back pain sleep in my bed if that's better for him or her. Sleeping on my couch for one night is no problem for me.

  3. Love the way this post is so to the point without "wasting" a single word.

    Convenience governs our society: convenience food, convenience friends on Facebook and Whatsapp and convenience experiences. Everything is made available in the most easy to use way. Effort is not necessary.