Thursday, January 1, 2015

An inviting home

Put your home to a test: Does it correspond to the things you like to do? Does it represent your values? Consider the stuff that you want to spend half of your time with - is it taking up half of the space?

Your place invites you to do certain things. In an ordinary house you'll find a living room that makes you want to sit down and watch TV. There will probably be a kitchen for cooking and a table to sit down and eat. In the bedroom you can lie down to sleep or for intimate togetherness.

It's no wonder that people spend most of their free time eating and sitting on the couch. If you intend to read more, do sports and have conversations - arrange the rooms accordingly. Throw out that big sofa and replace it with a hammock and a reading lamp. Buy a smaller TV or just let go and stop watching it altogether. Create space to roll out a yoga mat and do body weight exercises. Make the only place to sit down one that lets you face each other and talk instead of staring at a screen.

This is just an example. Think about what's important to you.

Your home will look quite minimalist - but not because you planned it that way. It's just because you dissociated yourself from the couch potato lifestyle. And whenever you step through the entrance a voice seems to say: welcome to the good life.

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