Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What's wrong with us and who can change it

Two thoughts from conversations with other people and my conclusion:

1. Debating in a group is inefficient. Consider a parliament with 300 people, which means than one can talk and 299 should listen. With one minute per speech it takes 5 hours until all opinions have been stated, but not yet discussed. A useful discussion is almost impossible under these conditions. This is why companies don't work that way - they'd long be bankrupt. Furthermore the deputies are busy taking notes in order to comment on everything that's been said before. So they don't really listen to understand, but to prepare their answer. The original issue gets lost and the debate just takes up even more time.

Alternatively they could gather in pairs and communicate with focus on understanding each other. Until everybody has spoken to everyone, one would then need 10 hours (one minute per partner in each dialog). But that would be a discussion where they'd really come to a conclusion. Even better: A small committee discusses the issue in this manner(!) and other interested members of the parliament are invited to inform themselves and state their opinion in face-to-face interactions.

These times demand a lot of decisions to be made fast from politicians. A system of endless feedback has become outdated and should be drastically reformed - or rather revolutionized.

2. Statistically, revolutions happen after three days in row with no bread in the grocery shops. It's plain to see that the most influential governments of the world won't be toppled by their people. At least not by people from their countries.

3. If people in poor countries knew about their power as a majority, they could use it effectively. We should help them become aware of who rules the world and how to have an impact. I can envision a global revolution led by the poor to change the politics of the rich. It's not that we don't want it, but we're not struggling to survive. But we can empower those who are. In fact, we don't have to, because their sheer number makes them powerful. Let's induce a peaceful revolution.

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