Tuesday, January 20, 2015

After watching Erwin Wagenhofer's "ALPHABET"

The graving for more is a hidden fear of having not enough. Not enough to be happy, not enough to cope with the fundamental challenges of life. It's a tragedy that we impose this fear upon our children through the educational system. Believing that their own interests and talents are not sufficient motivators is a fatal mistake that destroys the power of imagination in them. The apparent need for pressure instead of enthusiasm begins in school and eventually leads to unscrupulous enterprises. Those then are fed by the ever-growing greed of consumers. We'd be able to build a harmonious system, but we fail to recognize where all efforts are being foiled: in the way we raise our offspring.

Frugality and unselfishness are inherent human traits. Minimalism is not a trend, it's an unwrapping of our true nature.

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