Thursday, January 8, 2015


When I started to reduce what's in my life, it was because I felt overwhelmed. Not the sense that I couldn't deal with everyday tasks, but I was unable to experience and enjoy single aspects to the fullest.

One consequence of our culture's fast pace is constant distraction. There is always someone trying to gain your attention, be it advertising or private messages. Strictly speaking even a book on the shelf is an author's attempt to be noticed.

Through this permanent stimulation our mind is used to handle changing issues at high frequency. But we need rest sometimes and it is hard to relax under these circumstances. For me personally it still takes about ten minutes of doing nothing until I start to calm down - which is an alarm signal.

When I meditated for the first time, I discovered how silent my room actually is. The chattering of my thoughts became less and less until it almost completely vanished. I was scared having to confess that all the noise had been only in my head.

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