Monday, December 1, 2014

They sell ideas

Today a friend of mine recommended the book how much is enough? to me. I was interested, but skeptical. Of course it is exactly the question that I have been asking myself for a while now, but does that mean I want to read the book?

Quite certainly "enough" does not include the book. I can lead a happy life without it, although I'd agree that asking that question over and over again made me appreciate the good things much more. The crucial distinction is: Does this book meet my interests or is it just the idea that fascinates me? In other words, when I buy such a book, do I really want to possess the product or rather identify with what its title refers to?

It is known that the quality of a book's content plays a much lesser role than its title in order for it to sell. The reason is that people market the title as it is short enough to attract attention. Since you can't literally sell an idea, you have to create a product about it. Sometimes it is a good one, but sometimes the title is misleading.

By the way, I read some further details about "how much enough?" and I am really interested in reading it. I am not sure whether that means I am going to buy it or try to find someone who lends it to me. And I am not sure whether that means I find it more interesting than other things I'd like to do. But these are other questions.

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