Monday, December 15, 2014

Be amazed by whatever you're involved in

This is an idea that goes far beyond minimalism. But once you've understood it and start enjoying the little things, a minimalist attitude is inevitable.

Amazement is the spark that gave birth to all ideas ever perceived. Even if you didn't like chemistry at school - the first researchers where amazed by their discoveries. And so where historians examining new found sources. Whatever paradigm you view the world from, it is possible to find fascination in it.

The simplest tasks such as cutting your finger nails (as an kind of odd example) can turn into something amazing.
From a biological point of view, it is amazing how the nerves deliver such an accurate feeling for the position of one's hands.
From a neurological point of view, it is amazing how the brain coordinates their movements without much conscious involvement.
From a physical point of view, it is amazing how the cutter is harder than the nails and destroys the bonds of its atoms. (That you don't feel pain is again fascinating biologically)
From a historical point of view, it is amazing how a fast growth of nails was once necessary but became  superfluous. What change in historical conditions was it, that reduced the strain of our fingertips? It must have been around the same time that humans found a way to shorten their nails deliberately.
From a designer's point of view, it is amazing how the form of the nail cutter first appeared in somebody's head, was then probably brought to paper and finally manufactured in great number.
From a logistic point of view, it is amazing how people in former times found ways to deal with trash and wastewater (depending on whether you dispose fingernail clippings to the thrash or the toilet - it's getting a little random here, but you get the point).

As you see there are no limits to one's imagination. Being inspired is a matter of stance, not external conditions. As a consequence you don't need much to feel amazed by life. In fact, being bored sometimes helps to see its wonder. With regard to Christmas, I wish you to find joy in the ordinary and to not overwhelm yourselves. Instead expect good things to happen.

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