Saturday, December 20, 2014

Do what you want, but do what you want

My girlfriend's father loves photographs. He loves taking pictures, but he loves showing them to others as well. It is probably because he is into arts and just finds pleasure in creating a beautiful image. When he presents them to others, he shares this pleasure.

On the contrary I don't enjoy watching photos. I love arts as well, especially drawing, but I just don't like to talk about the past too much. When I do, it is for learning from mistakes, not for reminding me of good old times. That's why you rarely see me taking pictures. Instead, when I see something beautiful, I take a couple of seconds to just gaze and enjoy the view.

Although we have a different approach, there is one thing we share in common: We take action according to our predilections.

There is no use in taking photos that you never watch, just as there is no use in suppressing the wish to do the opposite.

Minimalist living is not about reducing the activities in your life for it's own sake. It is about integrity.

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