Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beware of what you want (you might get it)

I'm amused every time I want to get on a train and there's a queue in front of the entrance. People are hectically trying to get in first without appearing to be doing so. They desperately keep the balance between being selfish and not showing it.

And it get's even funnier when they find out that a crowd of children is exiting right where they want to get in. Of course it's not just a couple of children - it's an army. People get nervous. More and more children step out off the train, one after the other. And they take their time. They fool around, chatting, laughing.

People begin to look around whether it would have been faster to choose another entrance. And if they see that the people there are already entering the train, the get even more uncomfortable.

"What if I don't get a seat just because of those foolish kids?"

Yes, what if? In a time where the average person sits ten hours a day ruining one's spine, what if?

Today this exact scenario happened to me. And I got a seat, which I am grateful for, because now I'm able to write these words. But even otherwise I'd have been grateful for the health benefits of standing upright, the chance to watch the landscape pass by and just let my thoughts wander.

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