Sunday, December 21, 2014

A humble man's winter morning

You are standing on the top of a hill. Right in front of you lie harvested fields, but it is easy to image how the wind used to shake their blades of barley in summer. Now you can only feel it gently stroking the skin of your face. The landscape remains perfectly still and peaceful. The only thing that is moving are some birds in the distance that did not leave for winter. They are flying in front of a grayish sky that seems to be lit from behind by a giant sun that stretches all across the firmament. Below, most trees have lost their leaves but the earth vividly shines in various shades of brown and green. You breath in the fresh air and think: "If a moment of such preciousness is for free, how can I ever dare to want more and not be grateful for what I get to experience."

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