Saturday, December 13, 2014

The time-money-conversion-rate

This week I sung four concerts in a row. Returning home late every night I decided to take a break from writing in favor of sleep. But during that time a lot of ideas which I want to address in this blog came to me. This is one of them:

If time is money, then how do they convert into each other? Your relative income is how much money you make per hour. Everybody seems to be aware of that and trying to optimize this number. But there is also the other way around, that is to say how much money you spend in a given amount of time when not working. The minimalist approach of cherishing what's already there helps you to improve this often neglected parameter. If it wasn't for eating, mobility and accommodation, I would personally not need money. It is not only that by having to work less to support a cost-effective lifestyle you have more free time to actually enjoy it. Moreover you will find that these things are much more enjoyable in any case.

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