Saturday, December 6, 2014

Individual minimalism, global degrowth

I do not want to live in a way that's environmentally friendly but not applicable for the whole world's population. Reason is that I don't mind how much I personally damage the earth (this is marginal), but what I am interested in is how mankind should live now and in the future. I want to find a lifestyle that everyone can take as an example for sustainability.

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with an agriculture student who told me that it's impossible to feed 7 billion people on organic food. Scientific resources state the opposite. Maybe organic food would be sufficient in conditions of perfect distribution - but that's another topic.

This makes me wonder. Because even a system of perfectly distributed organic food supply has its limits. It does not even matter whether it would work for 7 billion people - some years from now we'll be over 10 billion.

The real question is not how to feed the number of humans that accidentally live on this planet. The real question is how many people the earth can accommodate. And I believe we have already surpassed that number. We need to think about models of society that enable and offer an incentive for degrowth.

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