Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What I learned since 2013

I just reposted two entries from my old blog. They kind of fit here although they are not explicitly on minimalist living.

One is about the body and its central but often neglected role in modern society. It sort of continues the explanations on nutrition and I really enjoyed being reminded of that metaphor I devised about a year ago.

The second post is on habits and how to change them. Now, with a little more experience, I'd like to add that changing habits requires a definite decision. You need to be absolutely sure that you will benefit from the readjustment - which probably was the reason why I failed back then. Furthermore the changes I wanted to implement were huge: One hour a day is almost ten percent of the time you are awake! But looking back now I see how much my daily routines have changed and that I managed to definitely improve a lot of areas in my life, especially when it comes to time management. Becoming conscious about how you spend your days is something you naturally do when living by "less is more".

I hope you enjoy reading those old posts. The reason I deleted them from my other blog is that I want to use it as a platform to publish my poems. Poetry and writing in general is again one of those things that offer tremendous satisfaction at no or little cost. I find that by verbalizing what's on my mind, my thoughts get clearer and calmer. It's almost like meditation. By the way, I practice mindfulness meditation everyday for 20 minutes - I habit that started with a definite decision on my birthday this year. Mindfulness basically means you try to maintain focus on a single thing like breathing or acoustic perception. There is a great video about meditation with a lot of philosophical ideas, but from a man with a very practical approach. It's long, but worth watching!

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