Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A day in the life

Today I missed my train home. So I stood at the station breathing heavily because I had run hoping to catch it. The strong beating of my heart and the blood rushing through my body made me feel alive. I wasn't sad about missing the train and it should turn out that it was actually a lucky coincidence. On the next train, which arrived soon, I unpacked an Avocado which I had cut in half at home already so I just needed to spoon it up. For a moment I stopped, thinking about yesterday's post. I was hungry, but considered waiting until I got home to be able to enjoy my "meal" in a more pleasing environment. Eventually I decided to eat it on the train, but resolved to enjoy every bit to the fullest. Suddenly I saw the wonder and was grateful for how planet earth could produce something as complex and precious as an Avocado, and that I held it in my hands. Suddenly the woman to my right accosted me and offered me two granola bars and a bottle of water that she had taken with her but did not need for she was almost back home already. I denied but thanked her sincerely for her generosity. "They are still hard at this time of year" she said, pointing at the Avocado. I told her that it just takes a couple of days until they get soft. Noticing my bewilderedness she explained she only ate them freshly harvested when she was in Cuba. I got interested: "What did you do there?". "I have a godchild who's family I support financially and visit several times a year!", she said and when I told her that I admire people who are that dedicated to charity, she mentioned that she was born in Romania and knows what it means to be in need. I was deeply impressed. Listening to her story how she got to know her godchild's mother years ago, I couldn't help feeling a little egoistic. But after she got off I felt inspired and thought extensively about justice and injustice, capitalism and how my generation could make the world a better place. I am grateful for the chance encounter and that I did not put my earplugs in before eating the Avocado.

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