Friday, October 24, 2014

We own the world

The biggest purchase in most people's life is the place they live in. Hence it is their self-chosen main task to earn enough money so they can afford a house or flat that suits their needs. You can't deny it: Eyes start glowing at the sight of luxurious mansions in the midst of green hills or at tropical beaches on photographs. The idea to own a villa one day is a strong motivator. But is it really the most important goal to strive for? Should you really devote your entire life to that single purpose? The minimalist doubts this and wonders whether it would be actually cheaper to inhabit a place that's much bigger and infinitely more precious: planet earth. What does it cost to travel the world from now on until the end of your days? Is it more expensive than your dream house?

This train of thought is a simple example that shows how a minimalist approach can make you question antiquated life scripts and thereby lead you to great riches - with a whole new interpretation of this word.

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