Friday, October 17, 2014

Sell the books you havn't read (or read them within 4 weeks)

Some books have already spent a long time on your shelf waiting to be read, don't they? They are projections of who you want to be or become. They are intentions and noble future plans. They are dreams and visions. Then why don't you read them? Two aspects come into play here. Firstly the books could be symbols for a certain ideal that you follow already. That does not necessarily mean you have to read them. E.g. you might have bought a book about yoga, but although you do yoga every day you just haven't read the book yet. If that's the case you should accept that you like yoga but you obviously don't like reading about yoga. Perhaps you really love to read in general, but when it comes to yoga you prefer learning from person to person. In other words: you have picked a symbol that you don't need. Sell it. Secondly unread books can serve as a stepping stone towards a goal that you want to achieve in the future. You probably bought it thinking that the book might help you to take action at last. The problem with this is that you can buy more books on thousands of topics than you can ever act upon in your whole life. Maybe you're just procrastinating. Then go, read the book and finally do whatever it stands for. Set yourself a time limit of 4 weeks and get started now! Or maybe it just isn't really your thing. My advice? Guess what: sell it. Whatever your unread books stand for - be aware of it and make a decision now if and when you are going to read them. If you don't they just add to your unconscious to do list and leave you dissatisfied.

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