Monday, October 20, 2014

Invest in your game piece

We all love high quality goods. Do we thus have to restrain ourselves when it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle? Not really, but we need to shift perspectives. Nutrition is the minimalist's fetish. Eating out more is a way of cherishing the vibrant restaurant scene of your city, cooking and inviting friends strengthens social bonds. In general taking enough time to eat is not only highly enjoyable, but it's actually very healthy. Often we don't do so because we strive for things that last. From a rational standpoint expensive food is a bad investment because it disappears sooner or later. And taking a two hour lunch break just keeps you from doing what is really important, right? We tackle a lot of issues here. Firstly, is it really wise to accumulate solid things you can pass on to heirs? To a certain amount for sure, but I like to think that my children will not have to throw away tons of gear after my death. Looking at it that way, great food is something you should favor over other kind of luxury. Secondly, spending money on nutrition is an investment in your body. "It's your game piece" as Elliot Hulse greatly puts it. I love this idea! Make sure you nurture it right.

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