Sunday, October 19, 2014


Or one hundred percent equals one hundred percent. Think of your life as a pie chart: Whenever you add something to it, it does not expand but the distribution changes. This applies to all areas of life, e.g. you can meet hundreds of people every week, but if you want to really build an intimate relationship or become close friends with someone, it takes focus. Or a good questionnaire. But for now let's consider the traditional approach where getting to know each other takes time. Of course you can have seven different social circles that you each meet on another day of the week. But it would take seven times longer (at least) to build the kind of familiarity that you'd experience if you met the same people every day. In regard to your lifetime as a whole it doesn't make that much of a difference. The total amount of close friends is limited - even if this sounds somewhat abstract. Maybe a better example is sports. You can become a great tennis player and a fantastic swimmer, but if you want to be world class you need to focus on just one of them. This holds for learning any skill. It holds for whatever you endeavor. Your life is a pie chart - the fewer things you let in the greater their importance. 1=1. Less is more.

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