Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Serve your Master

Imagine someone who's got the power to fulfill all your needs. Someone who can make things happen, so that all your previous desires seem trivial, meaningless. Someone who is even able to change the world as you perceive it. Someone who knows the door to heaven on earth and holds the key.

That someone exists. And from time to time that someone tells you to do certain things. Often you feel like a slave, but sometimes you're happy you did as you were told when being rewarded. On other days then, it seems as if that someone is getting in your way. And you start fighting that never vanishing someone like an overpowering enemy. But you always surrender. You give that someone what you're supposed to give just to get back to chasing your little dreams forgetting about the omnipotence that you're being confronted with. Missing the chance to profit from that someone's almightiness. You know it. But you ignore it.

That someone is your body.

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