Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rural vs. urban

Today I meditated on the hotel balcony at sunrise. Listening to the sound of cars on the street I was reminded of this year's summer holiday in the mountains where all was quiet and I could only hear leaves of trees rustle and birds sing in the distance. How different it felt. Yet I consider myself a city person.

As the writer of a blog about minimalist living I started wondering why I chose to live in a place full of hectic rushing and constant noise. It is much easier to live a simple life on the countryside and although I plan to move to a smaller town when I have children - right now I would not want to trade off all the opportunities that city life offers.

I can meet people who share my interests, I can engage in any kind of activity. I have freedom of choice. These are huge advantages, the problem is that people tend to be overwhelmed by them. They can have anything and it makes them think they can have everything. Big city life makes minimalist thinking necessary and at the same time only here it is possible to explore it fully. In rural areas all people live rather simple, but there it is not a matter of decision. A minimalist mindset only makes a difference when it is theoretically possible to overstrain.

Minimalist living may mean being a little picky, but it is not about constriction. You don't have to take the veil. No matter the circumstances, what I am referring to is the inner attitude that enables you to have both: freedom of choice and a lifestyle of less.

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