Sunday, November 9, 2014

My life's a party

Minimalism is often misinterpreted as plain reduction. Instead it means to focus on the good - cutting out the bad is just a byproduct. Like the pareto principle stands for identifying the most profitable 20 percent of a whole and putting aside the other 80 percent follows naturally, the root of a minimalist lifestyle is not simply to decrease the number of activities/belongings/etc, but to increase quality.

What is the difference between a good party and a bad one? It is the people. I agree that cheering crowds of drunkards got something to it, but so does sitting together with a few of your closest friend. In reverse having your house full of guests you actually can't stand is no better than too few people on the dance floor.

In our lifes we often act as if more content would lead to fulfillment. Then our party is crowded, yet we don't see familiar faces. We are strangers in our own world. Living a minimalist lifestyle may mean that you invited 500 guests and still they come together as friends in a jovial atmosphere. But most likely it means that you'll find less people than average there. The point is not to mistake this for the actual purpose.

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