Saturday, November 8, 2014

Change comes in small steps

Recently I made a list of lifestyle changes I've been trying to apply over the last while. Be it simple shifts like eating more raw vegetables instead of bread or other wheat-based food on the one hand, implementing new routines like doing Yoga regularly on the other hand, or just dropping bad habits like watching videos that I not actually visited Youtube for in the first place - I wrote them down on paper and marked the ones I successfully realized.

What I found out perfectly matched what's to be read everywhere: Permanent change only occurs after a clear decision and step by step. As I looked over the list I picked one of the items (practice piano sight reading every morning) and resolved to focus exclusively on that one until it becomes second nature. When no more effort is required to maintain it I'm going to move on and chose another item.

This procedure has two major benefits. Firstly it brings the quantity of wanted changes to consciousness and secondly it forces you to prioritize and choose which step to take first.

Evenings are great for reflection and my advice is to make such a list tonight instead of watching TV (if you do). It's not a big deal and it's not a thing to do on a regular basis. You just do it once and gain a lot of insight on why previous attempts to change may have failed, and most likely succeed in the future.

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