Sunday, November 23, 2014

Of mayflies and men

The truth is hard to grasp. We build models to interpret reality, but they are merely abstractions and do not come close to what they display.

One model I came up with this morning is that our body creates us everyday anew because we are needed. Like it creates pain at the sensation of heat, it creates consciousness to maneuver through a world of complex social networks. It creates a mind that is able to predict the future based on assumptions and make thoughtful decisions.

Now imagine this self is established every morning when we wake up and vanishes when we fall asleep. How can you tell, if it is the same self on another day? It is legitimate to assume we experience every single day like a mayfly. And that we are a human being with a personal history is just an illusion which occurs because we have access to memories.

Have you ever heard of "chunking"? It is term that helps describe how the human mind works. What might be seen as a continuous stream of  perception is actually a series of "chunks" that last for about three seconds and overlap each other. You can watch it happen, just close your eyes and observe what is going on.

It is getting pretty deep into the realm of philosophy and psychology here, but from a practical standpoint:
Is lamenting all day long the reason why your body brought you into being?

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