Sunday, November 16, 2014

Avoiding interaction is not minimalist

Some people say that they don't need a gym to work out. You can do bodyweight exercises anywhere at any time.

Some people say that they need a gym to work out. At home they lack discipline and it is much harder for them to get started.

The thing is that you need a commitment. By going to the gym you pledge yourself to actually lift some weights. If you'd like to be more independent and do bodyweight training, but you struggle to do it on your own, go find some peers. There is a tremendous power in group dynamics and you can use that to your favor.

Today we have so many possibilities to connect via the internet, but instead of using it to expend our social life, it seems to be replacing it. Meeting like-minded people is not only for free and immaterial - that is to say minimalist. I am convinced that it satisfies basic emotional needs that get lost in a world dominated by reason.

It is a common tendency to use tools instead of dealing with other human beings. Think about whether this truly brings freedom or it just disconnects us from the real world.

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